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AbbVie Community Guidelines

AbbVie Care Circle community guidelines

Thank you for visiting AbbVIe Care Circle. We would love to hear from you, and  have you join the many conversations going on between your fellow AbbVie Care members.  However, as with any civilized exchange of ideas, we need to lay down a few ground rules for everyone to follow when posting, which you will find in the guidelines below. Essentially, the guidelines are a list of reasons why you or another user’s comments may be removed from the discussion. Avoiding the content discussed in the guidelines will help keep the forum a friendlier, safer, more respectful environment – which is exactly what we set out to create.

User Guidelines

This forum is a place for you to share ideas. While we encourage openness and discussion, AbbVie Care  is subject to government regulations concerning online content, whether posted directly by AbbVie Care or any of our Web site visitors. For this reason, users are asked to refrain from discussing any of the specific topic areas listed below. The use of vulgar or offensive language is prohibited. In addition, we ask that users remain respectful in their comments. Any posts which do not meet these simple rules will be removed.


Please note that this forum is monitored at all times by an automated tool. We may have to retrieve your contact information and to contact you in case of an adverse event or product complaint


Topics to Avoid

  • Prescription products, including HUMIRA, and their benefits or side effects
  • Off-label discussion
  • Requests for or offers of medical advice or treatment suggestions
  • Recommendations, criticisms, or subjective ratings of specific clinics or health care professionals
  • Promotional information or offers of commercial services or products
  • Criticisms of or opinions on other forum users or AbbVie and its employees
  • Reporting of adverse events related to HUMIRA treatment. There are specific channels for reporting adverse events.