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Menopause Chicks has teamed up with Curatio to help you connect privately with other women on a similar journey. We understand that everyone’s journey is different – and we will help you connect you with the personalized support and resources that are right for you. We also help you track how you feel day-to-day so you can make sense of it all and focus on what matters most to you.




You’re in control. We make it easy to connect with others on the same journey, privately. You can choose who you want in your private circle or let us make recommendations. On Curatio, you own your data and we don’t link to your social media profile, so you can share in a place of comfort and privacy.




Information about Menopause you can trust. We save you time and hassle by delivering the validated information you want. Learn at your own pace with our programs and regular check-ins– learn, share and connect.

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That’s right. We just said “symptoms”—even though we typically try to refer to midlife changes as “experiences.” Why? Because perimenopause/menopause is not a disease! That said, we always encourage women to track any and all noticeable changes. Sometimes that may be subtle differences in your period or mood or sleep habits. And other times, it could, in fact, be more serious symptoms caused by thyroid, mental health or osteoporosis conditions. Our easy-to-use health trackers, made specifically for women in midlife – are designed to help you make sense of the changes you may be experiencing, and inform your conversation with your health practitioner.




Do you have first-hand experience with fibroids, hysterectomy, hormone replacement therapy or other challenges associated with perimenopause or menopause? Perhaps you feel that you have gained valuable knowledge that you wish someone had shared with you at the beginning of the journey? By starting a private circle on Curatio, we will connect you anonymously with other women who are looking to hear, and learn from your experience.

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