2021 Predictions: The Inflection Point for Digital Transformation in Life Sciences

by | Nov 4, 2020 | Podcasts, Thought Leadership

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How are digital engagement strategies currently being successfully leveraged in the life science space? We connected with industry thought leaders to discuss the current landscape of improving patient outcomes and enhancing health engagements with innovative digital tools and the benefits of social health environments and peer-to-peer networks.

Our panel of experts shared predictions as to how digital will continue to shape and transform patient support and care in 2021 and how data insights can build a more efficient and effective digital care tool for PSPs.



Show Notes:

A panel hosted by Paul Cowley, Vice President, Data Insights and Partner Solutions at Curatio around the predictions of the future and how the digital transformation in healthcare is going to occur.


Jeff Wandzura: Chief Growth Officer, Curatio

Jennifer Tremblay: Head of Marketing, Neurology and Immunology, Sanofi Genzyme

Michelle Theroux: Senior Manager, Healthcare Strategy and Innovation, Deloitte

Dr. Jeannette Janzen: National Director, VirtualMED


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