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We partner with life sciences and healthcare organizations to scale and augment patient support initiatives with the only global privacy and regulatory compliant social networking solution. 

Configurable health trackers and content that matches clinical pathway

Global privacy compliance (HIPAA, GDPR, PIPEDA, etc.)

Configurable and brandable to support all therapeutic areas

Regulatory compliant framework (AE, PV, etc.)

Features that Enhance Health Outcomes

The Curatio platform is validated, scalable and flexible to be easily augmented and integrated with existing Patient Support Programs.

Leverage AI, Matchmaking and Real World Evidence with a peer-to-peer networking solution both you and your patients will value. Below you will find our most popular and widely valued app features.

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AI Agent

Individuals who download your app will be greeted with a friendly AI agent that offers customized prompts, ensuring patients end up in a perfectly suited social network group specific to their stage of therapy, treatment or persona.

Matchmaking Algorithm

Curatio’s advanced matchmaking algorithm helps to create a personalized and tailored experience for individuals by connecting them with peers who share similar interests and aligned stages in their journey.

Gesture-Based Health Trackers

Daily health, mood and wellness checks help patients stay on top of pain management and specific triggers while empowering individuals with the knowledge they need to improve their outcomes.

Medication Trackers and Reminders

Enhance adherence and improve patient outcomes with customized medication trackers and reminders that work for any treatment or therapy and can be delivered to each individual by preference.

Karma Points

Engaging rewards encourage engagement and enhance peer-to-peer interactions and support. Attach Karma Points to specific actions taken within your app, such as sharing content, working through programs and staying adherent to treatment

Adverse Event Monitoring

Our communities come with full adverse event monitoring via automated systems that flag any visible posts that might be considered an adverse event. Our community managers are also trained to ensure all visible posts are consistently monitored and reported as required.

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