Evidence of Social

Patients Who Use Curatio Are Seeing Improved Health Outcomes

Peer-to-Peer Support
82% said the app helped them meet people like them

Patient Engagement
70% of users engage in programs tailored for side effects and health management 

Side Effect Management
73% said the app helped them better manage side effects

Rich Data Insights
86% of patients return to the app multiple times per month

Improving Retention and Adherence with Curatio

The Challenge

A pharmaceutical client was losing patients early in therapy due to a manageable side effect.

The Objective

Retain 75% of patients in app and reduce the abandonment rate of patients experiencing headaches within the first 2-6 weeks of therapy

The Solution

Provide patients with a platform integrated with current patient support services to deliver custom content, coaching and peer support to educate patients on the benefits of persistent therapy.

The Results

92% of patients remain in app and on therapy
$100K Retained value per patient/per year

Patient Testimonials

This app has become one of my favorite apps. Thank you to the creators for giving us space

I used to sit in hospital beds wondering if there was someone out there experiencing what I was going through and how they were getting through it and NOW I KNOW. I’ve really gained more clarity from this app

It is overwhelmingly comforting to have people understand my day to day problems and struggles that no one else does

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