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by | Nov 6, 2020 | Blog

At the core of each of Curatio’s social networks, there’s dedicated and passionate community manager. Our community managers play an important role within our social platforms. They offer a compassionate ear and curate interesting and expert content all the while creating a true sense of community and spirit.

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Introducing Beverly Sudbury,

Community Manager for MS One to One Canada Patient Community (available for iOS and Android)

“I like listening to people’s stories and finding out who they are, it also brings a bit of comfort with people so you can help them out, either by giving some support, a bit of advice or assistance on solving a problem/riddle.”


1) Tell me about yourself, how did you find yourself in the position of a community manager?

It just evolved for me. I started hanging out in the app (as a patient with MS), posting, chatting to people, volunteering to help out in the app and test new features. One day, I was asked if I would like to start actively working in the app as a Content Manager for the open MS group and then that involved into providing content for the Lemtrada Group. I am currently on Lemtrada treatment for MS.

2) Asides from being a community manager, what else do you do, (either professionally or as a hobby)?

I work in IT as a Business Analyst.  A fun and challenging position but always rewarding.

3) What do you enjoy the most about being a community manager at Curatio?

I am a person who likes learning and researching so I enjoy sharing the information that I have stored in the little boxes in my brain.  I like listening to people’s stories and finding out who they are, it also brings a bit of comfort with people so you can help them out, either by giving some support, a bit of advice or assistance on solving a problem/riddle.

4) Who/what inspired you to pursue the career you have today?

I was always intrigued by computers. I played a lot with them growing up, having a family that often had new technology because my dad liked gadgets.  I was uncertain when I applied for college and had applied for two different paths of learning – accounting and IT. I was accepted by both and had to make a decision. So I flipped a coin and IT won. I am very fortunate from this coin flip because I have been able to travel a lot for work and had the opportunity to live in Ireland for 2 years.

5) How do you believe social engagement can help people health challenges?

Social engagement is something that is part of being human.  We are all beings of exchanging ideas, supporting one another and being part of a greater whole.  Curatio allows for a place where people with similar health challenges can discuss their challenges, express their worries, celebrate their successes and offer support to one another.

This environment is critical, in my opinion, to having good mental health, a sense of belonging and acceptance as well as a place to have a bit of fun without worry of judgement or large explanation of your situation.  You can just be your wonderful self with other wonderful people journeying on a similar path.

6) What or who is an inspiration in your life?

My mother has always been an inspiration to me.  She was a lady of great character, full of fairness, overflowing with creativity and a had a way of always solving any puzzle placed before her. She was always a great believer in feeling what you feel but remember – you can be sad, but you are not meant to live in sadness, so always find your happiness.  She encouraged me always to think for myself, to be creative, to read as much as I could and look for the goodness in every person and happiness in every situation.

From these strengths, that I have seen in her as I watched her throughout my life, and her encouragement to me, I have been able to develop my own strengths, believe that I can do what I set my mind to do and have created in me, a sense of not giving up.  Because of my mother’s example, I have gone on many great adventures and have a lifetime of wonderful memories.

7) What fad or trend do you hope comes back?

I can think of so many that can remain right where they are at….why is it that we always remember the ones we are not super happy with?  But I would have to say for a returning fad……marbles…no one plays marbles anymore and that was a lot of fun growing up.

 8) What is special about the place you grew up in?

I was a fortunate child as for the first 9 years of my life I grew up with a 250-acre yard.  It was a mixed farm but the main focus was potato crops. So I had the ability to wander fields, playing with the farm animals, exploring wooded areas, and the beach area. It was an amazing thing as I learned a great deal about plants, animals, weather, and exploration.  Some of my favorite memories are watching the stars and meteorites streak across the sky, sitting on my grandparent’s covered veranda during summer rainstorms, listening to the thunder roll while watching the lightning dance about the sky, experiencing the fierceness of winter snowstorms that piled in the snow to over 9 feet high mountains, and sitting quietly in the woods watching the animals.

9) How do you relax after a hard day of work?

It depends on the day, some days I lock myself in my glass room and work on stained glass pieces.  Some days I crochet or listen to music.  Often, I talk to my boyfriend as he is an amazing support for me.

10) When people come to you for help, what do they usually want help with?

I often get people asking me a variety of questions from how to cook certain foods, to how to check the oil in a car, to how to write a certain email or document. But the key to it all is people usually want me to just listen to them and help them feel heard and understood. It is a magical thing to just listen to someone.

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