Curatio’s Stronger Together app (available on iOS and Android), which was launched in North America in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, is now available in India. The Stronger Together app offers patient peer support on a private social networking platform, evidence-based health programs for a range of different conditions as well as programs for COVID-19 Long Haulers and Survivors and for people who are parenting during the pandemic.

The app has been greatly received by patients across North America who are currently lacking access to their regular health support systems and clinical visits, along with battling loneliness and isolation due to imperative social distancing measures. As such, we hope that our app can provide similar support for patients in India managing the same challenges during these difficult times.

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No Patient Alone: Peer Support for India

Curatio lends support to patients in India by providing its private health app to help during the COVID-19 crisis

Vancouver, BC, May 6th 2021 – Global digital health company, Curatio, has responded to the urgent need for patient support in India with its unique platform that delivers evidence-based information and programs embedded with social and mental health support. Officially launched today, the company’s Stronger Together app has specifically designed programs and support for COVID survivors and long haulers.

The Stronger Together app initiative uses Curatio’s patient social networking platform to deliver peer support, coaching from experts, evidence based health literacy programs, and daily check-ins for both patients and families. The platform is privacy and regulatory compliant, already used in over 104 countries and available in 20 languages. Curatio has additionally partnered with Cloud DX, an award winning advance remote patient monitoring solution, to deliver COVID-19 specific programming and support.

Available on iOS and Android the Stronger Together app addresses the needs of North American patients whose resources and support systems have been impacted during COVID-19, while minimizing the impact on overburdened healthcare systems. As hospitals continue to deal with the COVID-19 crisis in India, people who have health conditions now have less access to clinical care and social support.

“As a company that lives and breathes its mission of No Patient Alone, we wanted to provide immediate support to patients and families in India. The Stronger Together app has been so well received here in North America by patients who have been unable to attend their regular medical check ups or connect with their support systems due to social distancing. With the heartbreaking situation in India, we hope that our app can be a tool for patients who are managing health and mental wellbeing challenges during such a trying time”, states Lynda-Brown Ganzert, CEO of Curatio.

In addition to a range of evidence-based programs available in the Stronger Together app that have been created for people with chronic conditions such as cardiovascular health issues and stroke recovery, the app offers programs and peer-to-peer communities for COVID-19 Survivors and Long-Haulers as well people who are parenting during the pandemic.

“During a time when there is so much misinformation, especially on the topic of COVID-19 and its long term effects, Stronger Together offers trusted information developed by experts all in a safe, privacy compliant environment” says Brown-Ganzert, “Furthermore, the ability to connect with others who are going through the same thing can make a huge difference, both in one’s physical and mental health”.

For further information about Curatio please visit www.curatio.me. For interview or media inquiries please contact Valerie Stachurski at  valerie@curatio.me, 416-520-9504.

About Curatio: 

Curatio enables payers, providers, researchers and pharmaceutical manufacturers to compliantly engage with patients on their own social networks. Curatio provides a private, secure social network platform that uses proprietary algorithms, AI and machine learning to match patients to the peer support, programs and daily management tools that help them live their healthiest lives. Used in 102 countries, available in 20+ languages, Curatio has won numerous awards for its unique technical solution and its mission of No Patient Alone.