With Millions of People Living with Sickle Cell, the Globalization of the SCD Companion App has been Designed to Address a Gap in Patient Support Around the World.

Today, on World Sickle Cell Day, Curatio is thrilled to announce the launch of our SCD Companion app in a variety of new countries, as part of a global launch initiative dedicated to providing enhanced peer-to-peer social health support for people who have been diagnosed with sickle cell disease.

People living with sickle cell disease in a number of new countries can now download a localized version of the SCD Companion app, in addition to the already available SCD Companion US app. This launch marks the beginning of our global campaign initiative in which SCD Companion will be available to even more patients and caregivers around the world! Additional launches are planned to take place before the end of the year.

Available for iOS or Android, the SCD Companion app is a no-cost app for your mobile device which offers helpful resources for those living with sickle cell disease:

  • Connect with peers – form social networks with other people facing sickle cell disease
  • Create your digital diary – an easy way to track and record sleep quality, stress, and mood
  • Record pain crises – keep track of pain crises and triggers
  • Track daily symptoms – useful reports for sharing with your doctor or health care provider
  • Gain support – through user stories and 1-on-1 peer interactions

“Millions of people live with sickle cell disease. Today, on World Sickle Cell Day, I’m incredibly proud of the Curatio team and our partnership with Novartis, to launch the SCD Companion app. This will make a difference in so many lives and lend support where it is greatly needed” states Lynda Brown-Ganzert, CEO & Founder, Curatio

To learn more about the SCD Companion app visit notaloneinsicklecell.com.