4 Exercise Ideas When Living With Multiple Sclerosis

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Unexpected health benefits from exercise

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Living with Multiple Sclerosis can be challenging, as you often may feel weak, tired, or low in energy. Being active and performing strenuous activities may be the last thing on your mind, however, did you know that exercise has many benefits for people living with MS?

A study had found that those who participated in an exercise program experienced reduced fatigue, depression and anger and thus improved overall quality of life. 

Before starting any fitness program or regimen, it is essential to check in with your doctor to ensure that your body is ready for any strenuous exercise based on your health condition. It is also crucial to remember that going to the gym or doing something physically exhausting is not the only way to exercise. Simple household activities and moving around can also add up to help you strengthen your body when living with a health condition like MS. 

 Exercise Ideas When Living with Multiple Sclerosis


1. Yoga

Yoga is a great alternative for a low impact exercise that focuses on breathing and personal well being. There are many different types of yoga available and it is important to know which ones suit your body’s capabilities. In a study, it was concluded that Yoga therapy is a safe and beneficial activity for improving fatigue and balance in patients living with Multiple Sclerosis.

2. Balance exercises

Living with MS, it is common to have balance problems and limited mobility and therefore can affect the ability to complete daily tasks. In a study conducted to find out the effects of balance exercises on MS patients, it was found that people who had completed the exercise program had improvements in their balance, fatigue, and dizziness tests compared to the control group.

3. Strength Training

Having MS can result in having muscle fatigue and weakness. In order to prevent that, strength training such as lifting light weights for arm exercises or simple bodyweight exercises are suggested to improve fatigue and ambulation

Check this list for the 10 best strength exercises for MS

Living with Multiple Sclerosis

4. Aerobic Exercise

Overall, Aerobic exercise can cause important improvements in different areas of respiratory fitness. One aerobic exercise that can help benefit MS patients is swimming. Research has shown that aquatic exercise caused the patients’ physical, social, and mental status of suffering from MS, to have deteriorated and therefore, enhanced the aspects of multiple sclerosis patients’ quality of life.




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