Happy World MS Day!

by | May 31, 2021 | Blog

May 30th is World MS Day! Today is designed to bring the multiple sclerosis (MS) community together to share stories, raise awareness, and campaign with everyone affected by MS. The theme for World MS Day is connections. Building community connections, self-connection, and connecting to quality care all play an important role in this powerful campaign. The goal is to challenge social barriers that leave people with MS feeling lonely and isolated.

The theme of connections and combating isolation is also at the heart of Curatio’s MS One to One app (available on iOS and Android). The MS One to One app is designed to connect Canadians living with MS by offering support and access to valuable, evidence-based resources. The app has provided those with MS relief throughout the COVID-19 pandemic by leveraging the power of peer-to-peer support, which can positively impact a patient’s journey by reducing loneliness, creating opportunities for peer mentor roles, and improving self-efficacy. In addition to supporting patients through social connection, the MS One to One app offers daily wellness trackers, medication reminders, access to expert-driven health information, and mental health check-in’s.

“Right now, in the current climate of a pandemic, going out and socializing with people is difficult or non-existent. Even though the measures put in place are to help us all stay safe and healthy, it can be very difficult to navigate when you have mobility issues,” states Beverly Sudbury, a member within the MS One to One community. “Because of this, I have been engaging in more virtual social interactions. The MS One to One app has become a great way for me to connect with people who understand my disease, my limitations, my concerns, are there to help offer support when I need it, and are happy to help celebrate my successes. This has been a key factor in maintaining a healthy mindset during these very difficult times.”

Curatio has also partnered with popular MS influencers Ardra Shepard and Elisabeth Léger to better understand the day-to-day impacts of MS and the important role social connection plays to someone living with MS.To learn more about how the MS One to One app can enhance support for MS patients beyond the doctor’s office, click here. To find your #MSConnections, tag @WorldMSDay in a post or story!


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