Advanced Insights to Drive Patient Success

In addition to industry standard insights and reporting, Curatio’s proprietary tools curate objective-specific data designed to support adherence, engagement and improved patient outcomes.

Industry Standard Insights


Patients who filled their prescribed behaviour on schedule.

Understand the big picture at the Patient level. Are you affecting change?


Measuring how well patients followed their prescribed treatment schedule.

Are Patients following the in app program?


Patients who remained on their prescribed medication for the duration of treatment.

Are the social interactions helping build trust in your program?


Patients prescribed multiple medications for the same disease state.

Is the Support feed being posted making a difference in Patient lives?


Patients prescribed multiple medications for other disease states.

Are groups making a difference in Patients managing disease complexity?

Switch and Return

Patients with a prescribed change in
same-class medication.

Does support help individuals manage the complexity of multiple diseases?


Patients with adjustments to their prescribed dose of medication.

Do in app reminders and program interventions build trust?

Curatio Insights


Classifying patients in “real-time” based on Current activity, Clinic Details & self reported.

Understand what’s happening in a patient’s life


Classifying patient Sitch during a set
period in time.

Looking at the recent
Patient experience


The number of instances and how often a patient’s Sitch and Juncture has changed.

Understand the nuances of change in a Patient’s life, day to day


Patients with two consecutive “adherent” behaviours, i.e. Patient did not miss an appointment.

Have you affected change in a positive and pattern forming way?


Determining what the next Sitch or Adherent behaviour the patient will need support.

Whats next for the Patient?

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