Can Older Adults Adapt to Digital Health?

by | Mar 17, 2021 | Blog, Thought Leadership

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There is no doubt that people are using technology more than ever. Between working remotely, video chatting with friends and family, using wearable technology, talking to “Alexa” – technology is everywhere, and if you don’t keep up, it can be easy to fall behind. So, what about older adults and technology? How are they adapting?

You may be surprised to hear that older adults and seniors have embraced new technology for a number of reasons, one of them being to manage their health. Digital health platforms such as Curatio can play an important role in helping older adults remain independent, active, connected, and healthy. That’s not to say there aren’t challenges with learning how to navigate new types of technology. Here are a few common barriers older adults face:

  • Frustration that leads to a lack of motivation and self-confidence
  • Lack of familiarity with “tech” terminology
  • Feeling like a burden when asking for help
  • Physical difficulties (e.g. difficulties navigating small screens/challenges with visual clarity)

Despite some of these barriers, older adults are making moves to become more proficient using technology, and companies such as Curatio are making it easier for them to do so. Using in-app coaches to guide users through everything from health concerns to questions about the app itself has been key in increasing users’ confidence using the Curatio app to manage their health. The tight-knit community of users often help one another through technology challenges, indicating how important peer connection is when adapting to a new medium of health support.

Virtual health has the advantage of being flexible, and has transformed patient care by meeting patients where they’re at, and providing them with access to evidence-based resources, health professionals, and peer support. 

The following testimonials are from older adults who are part of our Curatio community. We asked them a few questions about using the Curatio app, adapting to technology, and how it has impacted them!

“I see some highly beneficial applications of using technology for health support in this way. Rather than people turning to Dr. Google for information, they can have some assurance that the information being shared has been vetted and is geared specifically towards each group.” Member of Curatio’s Joint Replacement Community 

“The app is very easy to use and I can say that as I’m not a Facebook or Instagram user. It is easy to figure out and continue using.”  Nancy, Member of Curatio’s Joint Replacement Community



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