Pre-surgery patient optimization, or pre-hab

by | Oct 6, 2020 | Podcasts

Curatio Connects: Episode 9

Pre-surgery or pre-habilitation Patient Optimization

In this episode, Dr. Scheepers explains what patient optimization or pre-habilitation entails, and its benefits for surgical patients. Dr. Scheepers also talks about creating your own pre-hab program if there is no program available in your community and how COVID-19 is affecting pre-hab. Being well informed and in good shape before your surgery, has been proven to improve the odds of a successful surgical outcome.



Show Notes

Dr. Scheepers background
How to define pre-surgery patient optimization or pre-hab
Benefits of pre-hab
How pre-hab works in practice
Creating your own pre-hab program if there is no official program in your community
Pre-hab in the era of COVID-19

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