Promoting Healing After a Stroke

by | Jan 25, 2021 | Blog

Stroke survival rates have greatly increased due to an ability to reduce high blood pressure, advancements in imaging that can diagnose a stroke, and medications. Today, stroke research is mainly focused on recovery and how the brain heals after a stroke occurs. While research about medications to help the brain recover is ongoing, there are some things a patient can do to promote healing after a stroke.


As you are probably aware, physical and occupational therapy and other rehabilitation programs are very important to stroke recovery. If you are a caregiver, patience, awareness, and sensitivity are also important parts of the “recovery puzzle.” Here are a few tips for promoting recovery after a stroke for patients and caregivers.


Engage the Brain – Brain games such as crossword puzzles, board games, word searches, or card games are great ways to keep the brain active. Music and signing can also trigger cognitive awareness.


Try to be Physically Active – Not only does exercise have positive physical benefits for stroke survivors, it can also promote cognitive recovery. Physical activity such as walking is a great way to promote stroke recovery. If you are unable to walk, try leg or arm lifts from a seated position.


Seek Social Interactions – Social interactions have been found to improve quality of life after stroke. Therefore, it is important that stroke survivors are not isolated, and instead have the opportunity to engage in social interactions as they are recovering. 


Reach Out For Support – Turn to family, friends, community resources, or other support groups. The good news is that we have just the community for you! Read more details below about joining our Stronger Together program, and specifically, the Stroke Recovery community.


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