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    COVID-19 Survivors and Long Haulers

    Plan to Move Your Kids

    Cardiovascular Health and Wellbeing

    Parenting During COVID-19

    Stroke Recovery

    Respiratory Health and Wellbeing

    Disability and Physical Activity
    Prostate Cancer

    Colorectal Surgery

    Joint Replacement

    Healthy Hearts Cardiac Wellness


    Keeping Mentally Strong with Multiple Myeloma


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Why I Started Curatio

I want to personally thank you for joining the Stronger Together community on Curatio. I started our company after I became a ‘patient’ and lived through fertility and pregnancy challenges. I spent hours searching for information I could trust and people who understood what I was going through. I desperately wanted a community that was private, ad-free, where I could own my own data and experience.

So, along with a wonderful team, I built Curatio to help people get private, personalized, free support, information and programs. We won’t sell your email. We won’t advertise to you. We won’t retarget you. We’re simply here to help. So, whether you have just been diagnosed with cancer, or living with a chronic condition, or trying to stay mentally health while you parent through COVID, we’re here for you. I hope you’ll join us.

Healthy wishes, Lynda

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Stronger Together in Partnership with The University of British Columbia.

Participate in our mobile social network and research program** in partnership with University of British Columbia by downloading the Curatio App.

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Dr. Kathleen Martin Ginis, Principal Investigator
Professor, Department of Medicine

Stronger Together UBC Study
Please note that if you do choose to post to the study page, and/or “like”, “comment”, and/or “follow” the study page, you may be publicly identified with the study. Should you wish to remain completely anonymous, please refrain from engaging with the online study content on publicly available pages with your identifiable information.

**Certain participants i.e. those supporting others living with a condition, are invited to join the Stronger Together community as part of a non-research quality improvement project. Community-specific details will be provided within the registration forms.