Importance of tracking your health: mood, energy, pain, and medication

by | Feb 16, 2021 | Blog

Did you know that if you download the Curatio app, you will have access to a number of important health tracking tools? You can record your energy levels, wellness achievements, pain levels, mood, and your medications! You can then view your “Reports” to get a better understanding of your health over time. There are more benefits to tracking your health data than just staying organized! Here are three reasons why it is important to use health trackers:


  • It Increases Your Awareness

Your mood, pain, and energy levels are all things that affect many aspects of your daily life. Keeping track of these on a regular basis is a great way to be more aware of your feelings and understand why you may be reacting a certain way or feeling stressed. You may also be able to identify important patterns or relationships between the things you are tracking. For example, what do you notice about your mood when you have not exercised in a few days? How are your energy levels affected by your pain?


  • It’s Motivating

Tracking a wellness achievement such as a workout is a great way to stay motivated and understand where you may want to push yourself or set some wellness goals. Knowing your current level of physical activity participation is important for setting personally-relevant goals. Tracking your exercise can help you identify patterns in your physical activity behaviours and understand where you may need to make adjustments in your routine!


  • It Allows You to Communicate Better With Your Healthcare Team

Tracking your health data can be very valuable to your healthcare team. You will be able to have more detailed conversations with your doctor since you will have a complete picture of how you’ve been feeling. Your doctor may also gain a better understanding of how something like pain is affecting your quality of life.


In addition to helpful health trackers, joining Curatio will give you access to a private social network with evidence-based resources where you can connect with others going through similar circumstances. You can also Start This Year Stronger Together by joining a specialized virtual program in partnership with the University of British Columbia where you can access free, in-app health coaching and expert programs about a variety of health conditions. 


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