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Manage your health, track your condition, and build your support team

Personalized health tools and resources you can rely on.

Curatio lets you take control through easy-to-use health trackers, private support networks, and validated health experts. So you can stop searching the web and focus on getting well.

Make today a better day.


Take Control

Manage your condition and choose your own network of people who know what you’re going through.


Simplify Life

Access personalized disease management tools, up-to-date research, and trackers that make each day easier.


Stay Informed

Get expert advice and enjoy peace of mind with trusted and useful content matched to your interests.


Health tools and support in the palm of your hand

With a familiar, social network-style interface, easy-to-use tools, and personalized settings, Curatio keeps you connected and in charge —from your desktop, laptop, or any mobile device.


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Our partners

Hospitals and Providers looking to increase patient experience scores and lower readmission rates to save money and deliver more efficient quality of care


Insurance Companies and Payers who know that patients have higher compliance and self-management when they’re supported by peers


Non-profit Health Organizations looking for cost effective ways to scale patient engagement efforts and increase community outreach


Pharma and Research Sponsors innovating to improve patient health outcomes in a branded channel second to none


Your partners in health

We have been recognized for our leadership in patient engagement. We work with health leaders that take an active role in the Curatio community. Here are a few of them and champions


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