Private Social Networks
For Healthcare

Curatio is the only privacy and regulatory compliant platform that helps life sciences companies easily connect, engage and support patients towards better adherence, self-management and quality of life.

Available in 104 countries and 20 languages.

Improve the return on health (ROH) through adherence, retention and health literacy

Connect and empower patients, increase adherence and improve outcomes

Act at the patient level and receive data in aggregate

Support Patients With Dedicated Peer-To-Peer Communities.

  • Privacy compliant (HIPAA, PIPEDA, GDPR)
  • Pharma regulatory compliant (AE, PV, etc.)
  • Designed for healthcare
  • Used by multinational healthcare organizations in over 100 countries,   available in over 20 languages
  • Leveraged by agencies, providers, payer and life science organizations

Clients and Partners

Fully Brandable Application for Any Condition or Therapy.

  • Leverage the engaging and supportive nature of social
  • Launch branded or open apps
  • Transparent Program Insights
  • Community management and reporting
  • Build long-lasting value directly with patients

Improve Outcomes and Enhance Health Literacy

  • Increase adherence and patient engagement
  • Enhance health literacy with dynamic content
  • Integrate curated content and expert resources
  • Leverage evidence based programs

Leverage the Highly Engaging Nature of Peer Support Networks in Health.

  • Improve persistence & adoption rate with AE management strategies and outreach initiatives
  • Differentiate in the market and measure individual engagement
  • Leverage Peer to Peer Support to foster motivation and engagement
  • Increase % of new patient PSP enrollments

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